Fostering Growth on Your Wealth Journey

Empowering you with the insight to manage your wealth wisely and build a lasting financial foundation for future generations.

Personalized Financial Services

At Plott and French Advisors, we provide a full range of personalized financial services that are designed to help you achieve your unique financial goals and secure your legacy for future generations. Our collaborative approach prioritizes your needs and goals, and we work closely with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan that aligns with your objectives.

Wealth Management

Customized solutions help you through tailored investment strategies, tax efficiency, risk minimization and planning.

Advanced Planning

Long-term strategies that consider various variables to help you accomplish your unique financial objectives.

Multi-Generational Planning

Comprehensive plans that encompass your entire family’s goals.

Philanthropic Strategies

Helping you assess how to give back to your community.

WhoWe Are

At the heart of our approach is a commitment to understanding your values and needs. We prioritize building lasting relationships. Empowering you to work towards your financial goals with confidence.

How We Work

We believe that personalized financial planning is one of the keys to working towards your unique financial goals. Our process begins by assessing our compatibility with your needs and getting an understanding of your financial dreams. By adopting this approach, we gain a deeper understanding of your needs and provide you with the personalized guidance you require to achieve your unique financial goals.



Investment Plan Meeting

Mutual Commitment Meeting


Who We Help

We cater to a wide range of clients. Our aim is to strive to understand each client’s unique needs and are dedicated to helping them navigate complex financial situations with personalized financial guidance tailored to you.

High Net Worth Families

Business Owners

Health Care Professionals

Successful Professionals


Our Virtual Family Office Approach

For exceptional families with complex, and often multi-generational, financial needs, elevate your wealth management experience with our Virtual Family Office (VFO), prioritizing seamless coordination, confidentiality, and an exceptional level of service. The recurring challenge of meeting with multiple professionals, repeatedly narrating your unique story, can be daunting and inefficient. Our VFO process eliminates that hassle. With the Virtual Family Office, we act as your personal Chief Financial Officer and serve as the nexus of your network of professionals, coordinating efforts with attorneys, accountants, and other professionals to streamline your needs, keep everyone on the same page, and maximize your most precious asset: time.

Client-Focused Wealth Management

At Plott and French Advisors, we prioritize your financial well-being by offering tailored advice and personalized solutions that align with your values and goals. Our experienced team of financial advisors is dedicated to providing knowledge and expert guidance, ensuring your long-term success. Join our family of clients and embark on a confident financial journey.


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