Who We Are

Trusted financial partners

We are a second-generation family-owned wealth management practice located in the New River Valley, and we have been helping exceptional families within and beyond our region meet today’s financial challenges for over thirty years. All around us today, we see a reduced customer experience across many industries, including healthcare, contractor work, and financial services. Automated phone systems, noshow appointments, and a lack of appointment availability for months when needing to see a professional seem all too common. And then, to make matters worse, once you do get in to see someone, you need to remind them everything about yourself every time you see them because you’re one of a dozen appointments they have that day, and they only looked at your file five minutes before you walked in the door.

We believe there is a better way. We pride ourselves on building deep relationships with our clients and a comprehensive picture of who they are and what they are trying to accomplish. This begins with our thorough Discovery process and continues with constant communication and direct access to your advisor through text, email, phone, and your dedicated client portal.

If you’re used to these frustrations in other aspects of your life, we strive to be the exception, providing a high-quality client-focused experience that places you at the center of the process, with us right beside you for every step of the journey.