Who We Serve

Specialized solutions for unique clients

We cater to a wide range of clients, offering personalized financial guidance based on their unique needs and goals.

High Net Worth Families

(1-5M, 200k+ annual income)

Our expertise extends to addressing the specific financial challenges faced by mass affluent households, working towards their financial stability and growth.

Business Owners

Our services strive to address the financial complexities faced by entrepreneurs, including business planning, succession, and insurance planning.

Medical Professionals

We support healthcare professionals like doctors by providing specialized advice on tax mitigation, insurance planning, and student loan forgiveness and repayment strategies.

Successful Professionals

We understand the complexities faced by professionals for our area’s major employers, including Virginia Tech and Radford University. We routinely work with clients making decisions on VRS retirement plans and strategies.


Our range of services are designed to assist individuals from diverse industries in effectively managing their budgets, debts, retirement plans, and insurance needs, encompassing disability insurance as well.

We strive to understand the pain points and challenges faced by each client type and are dedicated to helping them navigate complex financial situations. Whether it’s advanced multi-generational planning, estate planning, tax mitigation, or retirement planning, Plott and French Advisors provide customized solutions with the goal of supporting your financial security and success. Consider our experienced team to guide you through every stage of your financial journey.