Michael Canestrari

About Michael

Michael, a native of Roanoke in southwest Virginia, is a magna cum laude graduate from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. Following graduation, he returned to the New River Valley, launching his career as a licensed Funeral Director.

During his time spent with families who had just lost a loved one, Michael noticed a recurring worry: the fear and uncertainty about what their financial lives would look like now. Motivated to intervene earlier in people’s lives, Michael transitioned to into financial services in 2017 at a not-for-profit financial services company. Here, he focused on using insurance to mitigate potential financial risks families might face. Seeking more comprehensive tools to help families, he transitioned to Plott and French in 2021.

Michael applies a unique value-based or goal-based planning approach. Instead of focusing solely on the present financial landscape, he prioritizes his clients’ values and aspirations. Working backwards from these goals, Michael crafts comprehensive financial plans that take their lifestyle into account. He understands that a good financial plan is not a stagnant document but a living entity that adapts as the client’s circumstances evolve.

Beyond his professional life, Michael maintains an active role in various organizations. He is a proud member of the Free Masons, Radford Rotary Noon, and Business Network International. A fervent weightlifter since his high school days as a co-captain of the wrestling team, he aspires to deadlift 500 lbs before his 45th birthday.

Passionate about cooking, Michael views it as more than a pastime; to him, it’s a shared experience and a means of bonding. He envisions his perfect retirement as a globetrotter, visiting different botanical gardens each month to relish their local community impacts.

No matter where you are in your financial journey, Michael believes there’s always room to enhance the efficiency of your investment selection. With his guidance, you can explore and find ways to optimize your financial future.